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Nisha and Rishabh can't stop falling in love

Marriage has brought only unconditional love into Nisha and Rishabh's life.

Rishabh for Nisha

It wouldn't be wrong at all to say that Rishabh just walked into Nisha's life like a gusty wind and swept her off her feet. She remembers the exact dates of their meetings and why not? "When I got a request, I found him on Facebook right then and started chatting. This happened on 22nd of May. Then we met for the first time on July 12th much before our parents met."

Was it was love at first sight? She giggled and said, "Of course. The first time I saw him, I fell in love with his beard and moustache." Both of us started to laugh out loud. She then added on saying that she wanted someone with a beautiful soul rather than a beautiful face and there he was, her prince charming… Rishabh.

Rishabh was straight to the point, "I just wanted someone jo mera saath de.” Did you fall in love at first sight? He thought for a while and told, "Pyaar toh ho hi gaya tha."

His birthday cake for her

In their courtship for six months, this couple had so many memories together that they got confused what all to share. But recalling her golden moment with her best half, she said, "It was my birthday. He came home at 5.30 in the morning with a cake and insisted that I cut his cake before anyone else’s." Rishabh adds, "I also gifted an iPhone and chocolates."

If their courtship was adorable, how about their wedding?

A wedding in Pataudi

Their wedding happened in Pataudi and how can it not be magnificent. "It was nothing less than a dream wedding. The ceremony happened for 5 days and it was just awesome," told an overwhelmed Nisha. Rishabh went back a few days before the wedding and told, "We shopped together for the wedding. She selected my sherwani as well."

Life after marriage has been the same for the couple. Nisha said that Rishabh does everything to make her happy at all times. She added on, "We find surprises in small things, our world does not need to be extravagant."

To this Rishabh has a message for everybody, "Spouses should just be together and a man will be called a man only if he respects his wife."

We wish them a lifetime of happiness

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