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Not Just Neeraj, His Parents Too Fell In Love With Trisha

Neeraj and Trisha became friends before loving each other and feel that it’s the best way to decide the right person to be with. Lets find out their love story.

Trisha starts the conversation with, “Friendship is the foundation of a beautiful relationship. It is where it all begins. As friends you get to know each other well. I always wanted my husband to be my best friend first. We started our relationship as friends only. I knew all his strengths and weaknesses.” Neeraj with a lot of excitement, says, “I was going through profiles on BharatMatrimony which is when

I came across Trisha’s profile and felt it was different. She accepted my request on the same day. We texted each other for an hour or so and decided to meet.” That was quick! I was excited to know about their first meet. She started narrating, “Our first meeting was quite good. We spoke, laughed, and we actually became friends. We had similar interests. We both love traveling, and more than that our thoughts matched.” So were you sure about him ? “I cannot say I was sure at that time, but somewhere deep down I felt he probably was the one. But I wanted to meet him a few more times to understand him better,” says Trisha. We met thrice before taking it to our parents.

Trisha jumps into the conversation when I asked her about her relationship with her in laws. She says, “They are the coolest and sweetest. I am so grateful to God for giving me such a wonderful family.” Neeraj told that he sometimes gets jealous as he feels his parents love Trisha more than him. He says, “She gets all the attention and love.” Neeraj had a treasure box full of compliments for his beautiful wife. He says, “Trisha is a super woman. She is an amazing singer and a great cook. My father is a huge fan of her paneer butter masala. She is a girl with a lot of positiveness and believes in sharing it with everyone.” Cute!

I was curious to know why they wanted to meet thrice before telling their parents when they liked each other in the first meet itself. Neeraj quickly says, “We wanted to get to know each other and also wanted to be sure about us. All our meetings were beautiful in their own ways. Especially our second meet.” He goes on, “Our second meeting was beautiful because of Trisha. She had made a plan in which we would spend the first half of the day the way she likes it and the other half the way I like it. This way, we would know what both of us liked. I must say, it was surprisingly fun.” Aww! That’s nice.

So the third meeting changed everything? Trisha says, “Third meeting was judgement day for us. We decided to meet at a cafe in Bangalore. Neeraj got me a beautiful painting of a girl dancing. I was very much sure about him. I was nervous to know what his answer would be.” Neeraj on the other hand says, “I was very sure about her from the day we met. We had decided before that we would order a bottle of wine and when we open it, we both would together tell our answer. So yes, the wine bottle opened and we both said a unanimous Yes. Both of us were very nervous about what the other person would say but were so happy after we realized that we both wanted to be with each other.”

Trisha has a message for youngsters who want to get married, “Marriage is a beautiful experience of life. Do not make the decision to marry in a hurry. First, know what you want. Have a lot of patience. And then move forward. But once you decide be sure of the person you are with and do everything possible to make the marriage work.”

Wishing This Couple A Lifetime Full Of Happiness

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