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It was just another chilly day of December, the end of the year, but Priyank had no idea that this month was about to change his life. Little did he know that something was about to begin.

Priyank and Namrata’s journey of love seemed to me like I was watching a movie. “The way I have felt for her, I haven't felt that emotion for anyone else,” Priyank summarized his entire love story in one sentence. But I had to know the intricate details as well and I wasn't letting them go without spilling the beans.

Did he propose? I ask and she immediately speaks up about that beautiful proposal her husband to-be had planned for her. “He lived in Bangalore and I lived in Pune. Just before our Roka ceremony, he called me at almost midnight and told me to come downstairs. I was surprised that he had come to see me that late at night but I absolutely had no clue that he had other plans for me.” What happened next? “I go down to meet him and see what on his hand? A ring. He proposes to me and slips the ring onto my finger. This is our fairy tale proposal.”

But I was curious to know how this love story began and then Priyank starts off, “After we connected through BharatMatrimony, it all went ahead with chats and video calls and then… that day came, when we met.” He told me that he had started to develop feelings for Namrata right on the first meeting but it was on the second, that he fell in love with her. A Bollywood movie scene was running in my mind about their meeting before Priyank told me this, “We were to meet in Delhi in a hotel lobby but we were looking out to escape to a nearby mall.” And did you succeed? “Oh yes! It was close to Valentine’s Day. Love was in the air.” And that was the moment Priyank fell in love with his Namrata.

Even after having a long distance courtship, they had made each moment so special. Then how dreamy would their wedding be? “Priyank and my family performed a flash mob on our engagement and we even danced to our favourite song on our sangeet,” shared Namrata. There was something Priyank had to add on about his special moment from their marriage. He said, “Reality hadn’t struck me that I am going to be a married person until my dulhan entered the hall on a chariot. I even told my friends to record that moment so that I take a look at my reaction later.”

Priyank and Namrata certainly prove to be one of the contemporary couples who manage long distance and romance because he says that his beloved wife is so full of surprises that… “I can do nothing like that.” I ask him to share one such moment and he instantly recalls, “This one day, I was just pulling her leg that she hadn’t proposed to me yet and guess what she did.. She had left some promise notes for me.” Namrata enlightened me on this and said, “I proposed a ‘happily ever after’ on our second month anniversary.”

One likes horror movies and the other likes comedy but Namrata and Priyank value each other emotionally. What more does one want? Priyank is Namrata’s go-to person. “He is always patient with me and takes care of my little preferences,” finishes Namrata.

When there is love, nothing else matters. Not even distance. Priyank and Namrata’s story proves that with love you get power to conquer everything.

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