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An Unexpected Proposal by Ankur Turned Himani Pink

It is said that love has no language but if it had, it would be Himani and Ankur's language of love. True love requires trust, honesty, and sacrifice, especially when you are in a long distance courtship. Their love story is no lesser than what we see in the movies.

Ankur and Himani found each other on HindiMatrimony. Ankur sent an interest to Himani. I ask Ankur, what made you think that she could be the right match? He says, "Her profile was like an open book. She was clear with her expectations and was very frank about the kind of person she is, which I was quite impressed with.

Her family background seemed good and she also looked very pretty in her photos." Himani on the other hand says, "I felt there was something good about his profile. He matched all my expectations and I wanted to have a conversation, so I texted him." Ankur was working in Switzerland and Himani was in India. They had a talk on video call and got to know each other. I ask Himani how was that first call with him? Himani says, "Even though I was a bit nervous, we ended up speaking for 5 hours. Once we started talking everything felt perfect." Ankur jumps into the conversation, "I was dumbstruck at the very first sight of her. She was honest, straight to the point and also funny." They were in constant touch for a month and got to know each other better.

The door was knocked thrice. “I am coming in just a moment,” shouted Himani from her bedroom. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon when all you want to do is curl up in your bed watching your favourite movie. Then came another knock. Himani hurried up to the door, opened it to find her mom asking her to get ready fast as ladkey wala ane wale hai! I ask Himani, how excited were you to meet him? "I was super excited to meet him,” she says. I then ask her if she has any special memory from her first meet? “Ya!” She said. “Ankur did something totally unexpected. It was our first meeting and Ankur went down on his knees and proposed to me in front of everyone. Ankur was clear with his decision. I also really liked him and so accepted his proposal immediately." Woah!

Being travelers, they have traveled quite a lot together. I wanted to know where the couple went for their honeymoon, to which Ankur replies, “We went to Paris. One of the most beautiful places in the city is the Eiffel tower. We went to the tower and promised to be together forever. When we were there I gifted her a ring which I had bought from London.” Himani adds, "I always wanted to visit Disneyland, and Ankur took me there. Little things your partner does holds a special place in your heart and that was a real surprise for me."

"To the dearest one in my life, you might already know this, but I must say it. Thank you for always standing by my side and supporting me in everything I do." - Himani

Wishing This Couple A Lifetime Full Of Happiness!

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