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Childhood Friends Meet on BharatMatrimony, Get Married

Shashwat and Ashwini tip toed in the dark room, grabbing their hot cup of coffee. They rambled towards a large window in their living room, sipping their coffee, stood there for long. Rewinding their memories they just spilled some beans about their love story. A story that is just magic.

Have you ever wondered if love exists? Or how it would it feel to ever fall in love? I had a beautiful conversation with this lovely duo whose love story I just could not have enough of. I started the conversation by asking Shashwat if he believes that marriages are made in heaven?

He says, “I don’t think marriages are made in heaven because they’re made on earth. All you want is for someone to come into your life and stay with you forever.” I then ask Ashwini to describe her first meeting with her husband. She narrates, “Shashwat is one of my distant relative. We have played together in our childhood. He used to come over to my grandmother’s house. We have had some fun times in our childhood, but after growing up we never got the chance to meet. Even though we are relatives, we found each other on HindiMatrimony.” Woah! That’s interesting. Shashwat jumped into the conversation when I asked him to share his feelings about meeting her after so many years. He says, “After so many years I met her again and that feeling was beautiful. We already had a strong bond because we have shared a part of our childhood and surprisingly the closeness was still the same. I even felt that I should have stayed in touch with her. I could see the same smile, the same spark in her eyes which she had as a child. But surprisingly, it felt a bit different. We couldn’t talk much as our eyes spoke a lot that day. Aww! That’s cute!

I was curious to know who proposed first. I asked Ashwini if he proposed. She immediately narrated the beautiful proposal by her husband. “He took me to the place where we played during our childhood. He decorated the place with flowers, chocolates and lanterns. I was love struck by seeing his romantic side. I felt so special. To make it more romantic he went down on his knees and proposed to me. He also gifted me a watch, which will always remain my priced possession..” That’s romantic! She had something more to add, “We cherished all our childhood memories and laughed a lot as we never thought we would get married. But everything happens for a reason and I am so grateful,” says Ashwini.

After listening to their beautiful love story I wanted to know how their life is after marriage. Shashwat replies, “Life after marriage has been great, but after three days of our marriage she left me and went to her mom’s house.” I was taken aback! Why? I ask. Shashwat laughed out loud and said, “She had her exams so she had to go. Before that I had taken her to a mini honeymoon for two days. That was our first trip together and that was one of our most beautiful and memorable trips. Now I don’t let her go anywhere without me. Well, I atleast try! A day without her is very difficult.” Aren’t they just couple goals?

Sometimes it so surreal to believe that how two people part ways and just catch up from where they left again.

Wishing Them A Wonderful Journey Filled With Love

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